Copesco & Sefrisa

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Artisans of the sea

since 1853

It all started in 1853 when Mr José Daurella, the founder of the company, was the first to import large amounts of cod bales from Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the Faeroe Islands to market in our country.

Since then, we have forged ever-closer ties with those cold-water paradises, giving us a stable supply of authentic North Atlantic cod, with every guarantee of quality, safety and sustainable fishing.

Traditional methods
and cutting-edge technology

Choosing the best raw material is important, but isn’t enough on its own. To achieve the highest level of quality our consumers require, we have developed a unique production process that combines traditional methods and cutting-edge technology.

Sustainability and
food safety certificates

From the very beginning of this adventure, we have always had one main goal: to give our consumers the best experience with sustainable raw material of the highest quality and the highest quality standards in our manufacturing processes.