The Copesco & Sefrisa brand
for the most discerning palates

Royal is a brand of smoked salmon, cod and other delicacies from the sea, which stand out for their quality and freshness.

Royal products come from the cold waters of northern Europe and are obtained using artisan methods, with strict quality-control oversight throughout the process.

The result is a wide assortment of smoked salmon and cod specialities to delight the most discerning palates, as well as other top-quality products from the sea.

“The secret behind the quality of the Royal brand seafood products lies in the cold waters of Iceland, Norway and Scotland.”

Royal delicacies

Today, Royal offers a wide range of salmon and cod products in different formats, perfect for all sorts of recipes.

Our codfish

Royal cod is caught in Iceland using sustainable methods. Meaning one by one using a line and hook. This technique is the most respectful of the environment, other species and the sea floor.

Our salmon

We receive the very freshest salmon every week from Norway, always implementing strict health and hygiene practices throughout the process of making our salmon and smoked salmon specialities.

Other delicacies

In addition to cod and salmon, the Royal product line also features an assortment of delicacies from the sea, designed to offer all sorts of gourmet options.